Wrought Iron

Wrought Iron

Homeowners choose wrought iron fencing to show off landscaping of homes while also conveying a sense of security. Simply put, wrought iron offers a prestige look.

Wrought iron fences come in a wide variety of styles to complement all types of architecture, from contemporary to traditional, and are available in a number of standard colors.

The attractiveness of wrought iron fencing is one of its biggest draws, and property owners have a range of style options from which to choose. Action Fence, A Texoma Fence Company can easily personalize wrought iron fences by adding rails, rings, scrolls and finials.

Rings and scrolls are installed between pickets, while finials dress up post caps and the tops of pickets. Swoops and arches refer to the placement of the pickets.

In addition to their good looks, wrought iron fences can be used to secure properties. Pickets with thicker walls are used for commercial or industrial applications to further increase the strength of the fence.

A number of other modifications are also available. Because wrought iron fencing is constructed in an open style, an unobtrusive mesh can be added behind the pickets to further enclose the secure area, and locks can be added to gates.

Gates can be outfitted with locks that are opened by keys or a keypad with a panic bar on the inside of the fence to increase security.


Vinyl Fence systems are highly utilized by Action Fence, A Texoma Fence Company.  Anyone who has ever had to paint or stain a fence — not just once but over and over again — can understand why vinyl fencing continues to increase in popularity. Once it’s installed, vinyl fence can go for years with little or no maintenance, making it a top choice among time-challenged homeowners.  For most, the biggest benefit of vinyl fence is freedom from maintenance.

The contains ultraviolet inhibitors that protect the material from sun. As a result, vinyl doesn’t usually lose its color, requiring reapplication of paints and stains. The color is a “through-color,” so scratches and dents to the fence do not require touchups and additional repairs. Install vinyl fence, and it will very likely look the same for years without anyone bothering with paint, stain and accessories.


Because vinyl is not organic, it’s impervious to invasions of insects and pests or rotting taking place as a result of moisture infiltration. And unlike metal, it will not rust. Vinyl is also strong. According to some manufacturers and sellers, vinyl has five times the tensile strength of wood, making it harder to break. It’s also more flexible than wood and may be a preferred choice in high-wind areas where fence should be able to bend but not break.

In addition to its maintenance free characteristics, vinyl fences come in a wide variety of appealing styles.

  • Traditional white picket fences add charm to a property and can be used to contain pets and children.
  • Vinyl privacy fences shield a property and can be built as a solid board or in a style that allows wind to pass through it.
  • Post and rail, a very popular style of vinyl fence, adds a ranch-like look to a property and has the ability to contain larger animals, like horses.

Ornamental vinyl fences provide an elegant look and are often used to enclose swimming pools.

Ag Fence Types

Action Fence, A Texoma Fence Company offers several other types of fences. Whether you need to contain animals or keep roads safe for travel, there is a fence to meet your needs.

Horse Fencing

Horse fencing is used to keep horses within a certain area. In the past, wood has been the most popular choice for horse fencing. While wood remains one of the main materials in use today, consumers also have their choice of vinyl, plastic-coated wood, electric, mesh and wire fencing. All of these materials make strong, durable fences that keep horses safely contained.

Deer Fencing

Unlike horse fencing, deer fencing is designed to keep animals out of certain areas. Deer pose a threat not only to landscaping and agriculture; they also increase the risk of Lyme disease since they carry ticks. Plastic and electric fencing can help protect plants as well as people from the problems caused by deer.



Action Fence, A Texoma Fence Company offers many gate options.

Gates are often the finishing touch to residences, country estates, gated communities, condominium and apartment complexes, ranches and businesses.

Gates are used in conjunction with a fence system by a variety of residential and business applications to provide and control access to particular areas. They play an important role in a security system.

Swing gates – This style is available in double or single drive application and requires two gate operators (one for each side.)
Cantilever gates – These gates use a counter-balance load bearing design to support the entire weight of the gate as it reaches across the entryway.
Rolling gates – This style uses a wheel to support the weight on a v-track embedded in a driveway.

A number of factors must also be considered, such as:

  • How will the property be entered?
  • What access control will be used – radio controlled, telephone entry, or card reader?
  • How will people exit?