Black Vinyl Chainlink

Chain-link is Action Fence, a Texoma Fence Company’s most widely used fence system. Chain link allows a clear view, with no place for intruders to hide.

It is so popular because it’s economical and has become quite colorful and stylish over the past decade. Continuing innovation has made both traditional chain-link and new vinyl color-coated chain-link fence systems fit into every neighborhood.

Traditional, metallic-coated chain-link fence remains one of the most effective, economical fencing barriers. Chain-link fence is known for its strength and durability and has provided the most cost-effective way to protect children, control pets and safeguard property and assets in both suburban and urban settings.

There is a continued growing interest in color for residential applications. Color coating gives a smoother finish, prevents rusting, and helps the installation blend into surroundings. Black is the most popular, because it is often close to being invisible; green and brown are also frequent choices.

chain-link fence

Black Chain-Link Fence

In residential settings, chain-link is a very practical means of providing improved safety and security. Chain-link offers a balance between aesthetics and meeting the security and safety needs of residential and commercial property owners with an economical, long-lasting fence system.

When an additional touch of privacy around pools or commercial property is desired with a chain-link fence, slats can be used to create the privacy screen needed. Slats are inserts designed for chain-link fencing; they can be inserted vertically, horizontally or diagonally to create a unique sense of privacy and security.

Most slats are constructed of aluminum, polyethylene or wood. These slats are available in a wide variety of colors to coordinate with their surroundings; consumers and businesses even have the ability to create patterns and designs by alternating the colors of slats in a fence.